Live the Life South Florida: Rooftop Revelations

y. He shares his personal story of coming from a single-parent household and how having different organizations to assist both himself and his mom truly made an impact on the person he is today.

Live the Life Hope Weekend

Hope Weekend’s purpose is simple: to enhance the lives of children and families by healing and restoring troubled marriages. Live the Life South Florida’s Hope Weekend program is dedicated to couples facing extreme challenges and stress, those contemplating divorce in their marriage, or those simply seeking a more profound connection more intimate with one another….

Live the Life Divorce Study

It’s an understatement that humans seek an intimate partner to obtain security, appreciation, and tenderness throughout their lives. However, many couples often go “blind” to their relationships, misjudging how it takes more than love to keep a marriage alive. Relationships like marriage, which are also a partnership and the key player in founding a family,…

Live the Life’s Marriage Course: The Power of Us

This course is recommended to be taken following AIM as it is designed for couples that aim to experience more profound levels of intimacy in their relationship, seeking knowledge and understanding of one another.

The Success Sequence: What Is It & Why It Matters

Achieving the American Dream, such as reaching the middle class or higher, seems a distant goal for many people, especially young adults. But what if we told you there is a path to success in life?

Live the Life’s Marriage Workshop: Adventures in Marriage

Live the Life South Florida is committed to restoring the institution of family by providing educational classes, workshops, and events to ages ranging from middle school to senior adulthood. To create healthy communities, it is imperative to start at home, where the foundation is a solid marriage.

Is the Destruction of the Nuclear Family More Catastrophic than We Think?

In the light of current events, our entire country is collectively moving through the five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and inevitably for some, acceptance. While the motivating factors couldn’t be more different, as we all have our belief structures and upbringings to affect our emotions and thoughts, the overarching question is resounding in the same outcry, WHY?

The Merciful and The Mighty

Fathers, how do we impact our family tree and our children? Dr. Murray Bowen introduced the family system theory, suggesting that individuals can’t be understood in isolation from one another but rather as a part of their family.

To Forgive is to Obey

This year I’ve chosen to read the New Testament chronologically. Initially, I didn’t enjoy the process, but as I’ve read the gospel accounts leading up to Jesus’ death on the cross, I’ve thought a lot about obedience and its connection to forgiveness. Jesus, in His humanity, has experienced the hurts and betrayals of humankind, and…