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Our Student Program teaches the country’s leading relationship education curriculum: REAL Essentials. It is specifically designed to empower adults to teach middle school and high school students relationship tools and skills for dealing with adolescent challenges.

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About Student Programs​

Live the Life’s REAL Essentials Curriculum teaches students how to navigate the dynamics of social and emotional learning. The power of positive decision making is learned through workshops and mentorships that are inclusive, evidence-based, and medically approved.

REAL Essentials has been taught in 44 states and 7 countries. Professional development experts have trained over 9,000 teachers — reaching a potential of one million students annually.

We use fun, interactive activities to develop life skills, love and leadership, impulse control, self-regulation, and personal power. This class can be tailored to fit the terms, perimeters, and needs of its students.

Curriculum Overview:

  1. Learning About Yourself and Others
  2. Navigating Differences
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Friendship, Dating and Love
  5. Cultural Influences
  6. Planning for Your Future
  7. Committed Love and Marriage
  8. Leadership and Job Readiness
  9. Sexual Health

Activities prepare students to better understand and address:

  • Their individual identity and how it impacts relationships
  • How to recognize and respect differences in others
  • Effective communication techniques for navigating conflict and expressing oneself
  • How to develop healthy dating strategies and ideas for staying connected
  • Safe social media guidelines and viewing advertisements through an accurate lens
  • Creating vision and applying it to future dreams and success
  • The benefits of commitment and marriage
  • Developing leadership skills for gaining future employment and keeping a job
  • Sex in the context of love and its effect on whole person health
  • Provides a comprehensive roadmap for success sequencing


  • Meets Sunshine State Requirements
  • Currently offered at no cost to schools
  • Trains/certifies our own teachers
  • In 42 Broward Middle/High Schools
  • Scheduling can be customized per school
  • Curriculum is approved by the Florida Department of Health and Federal Government


We have a team of experts who are knowledgeable about our curriculum and resources. Instructors at Live the Life are also people who have been through it! They will be able to support and guide you all throughout the process.

Karol Airdo


Teaching Healthy Relationship Education at Sunrise Middle School, J. P. Taravella High School, Nova High School, Fort Lauderdale High School, and Westminster Academy.

Sky Aris


Teaching Healthy Relationship Education at Plantation High School.


Luciano Assuncao

I have taught at Whiddon Rogers Educational Center, Hallandale High School, Fort Lauderdale High School, Rhema Christian Academy, and Westminster Academy.

Candice Benner


 Shadowed & taught at Championship Middle.  I also shadowed at Plantation High. This summer I also helped teach at Bair Middle.

Rob Bereolos


Teaching at Hallandale high School.

Annie Quinnell


I teach at Purpose Academy in Pompano Beach 6 & 7 grades. It is my honor to be able to equip young lives with sound and godly principles for healthy relationships so that they can thrive into adulthood.

Our Schools

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Our Schools

Integer fames proin tempor scelerisque quis faucibus. Rhoncus sodales elementum, sed sed ullamcorper nisi massa ornare.

Our team is here to help you along the way. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have! We are looking forward to connecting with you.


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