About Adventures in Marriage

Our goal is to assist couples in discovering better ways to meet their needs, communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts, express anger, and avoid dirty fighting. The Adventures in Marriage program teaches couples how their personalities impact their relationships for better, or for worse. Suitable for couples at all stages of their relationship, this course is fun, practical, and easy to learn. Designed to work with couples across the spectrum, the Marriage Communication Program helps couples who are highly motivated, to those who are struggling and stressed. Using Christian principles and the latest research, Adventures in Marriage provides specific, practical, and attainable skills for a successful marriage. Discover how you can create the marriage you’ve always wanted with the spouse you already have!

Benefits of Adventures in Marriage:  

  • Identify when your marriage communication style is more problematic than the actual issue you are facing.
  • Empathize with your partner instead of harboring secret resentment.
  • Communicate clearly so that your thoughts and feelings can be recognized and understood without causing your spouse to feel defensive, resentful, overwhelmed, manipulated or inadequate.
  • Learn to avoid assumptions and mind reading, which can cause misunderstandings between couples.
  • Accept and express anger without destroying love. Strive to resolve the issue at hand in a way that promotes a closer relationship with your spouse.
  • Rather than viewing your spouse as a threat, acknowledge and enjoy your differences as a couple.
  • Identify what was wrong in previous relationships or what is going wrong now.