Live the Life’s Marriage Course: The Power of Us

Following our workshop Adventures in Marriage (AIM), where we provide coaching, classes, workbooks, communication cards, and one-on-one support, we present The Power of Us to you. This course is recommended to be taken following AIM as it is designed for couples that aim to experience more profound levels of intimacy in their relationship, seeking knowledge and understanding of one another.

The Power of Us combines Christian principles with scientific research on what empowers each couple with practical and attainable skills for developing, maintaining, and sustaining a deeply connected relationship. The primary purpose is for each partner to be fully known and loved by one another.

At Live the Life South Florida, we believe that community wellness begins at home and that strong marriage is the foundation of a substantial home. Although many couples do not know how to be married, faith and hope guide us to find the needed encouragement in Christ. We aim to help every couple with their marriages for the benefit of our community.

Every couple faces different seasons of their relationship through the stages of life, which can lead to struggles and challenges, but we show you that couples can overcome anything with the right source of power: faith.

The Power of Us is a marriage course divided into four weeks where each week is dedicated to a specific topic to work on together.

In the first week, you and your partner will learn more about the four protective walls of us (goodwill, respect, humility, and empathy) and the emotional stages of development (infant, child, teen, and adult). The main goal of the first week is to work on embracing your emotional adult self. Although not easy, becoming an emotional adult is much needed to solve conflicts more proactively.

Moving to the second week, we deepen our understanding of one another in what we call trading places and the donut hole. Trading places is an exercise we do to uncover certain assumptions you and your partner may have about each other that can negatively impact your relationship. Following this exercise, we move to the donut hole, where we focus on your resources, assets, and strengths in your spouse, yourself, marriage, and family.

The third week is mainly focused on words of intimacy. It is when we deep dive together into the three Hebrew words (yada, sakan, sod) that describe the English word “intimacy.” We learn a lot together about knowing, caring, and disclosing with our partners, following a series of questions that genuinely immerse each other in your partner’s past experiences and background. 

In the fourth week, our last week together, we understand what love means and how it will help sustain the relationship in difficult times. We do an activity called love knots to guide us in which direction we must work together to better the relationship. In this week, we also learn more about Sternberg’s theory of love and what are the next steps you and your partner must take to continue the work and improvement in your relationship.

The Power of Us provides many resources and guidance for every couple that needs support and help with their marriage challenges. At Live the Life, you will find a community that supports your marriage and work together to restore the institution of the family.

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