Our Mission

Relate Well Live Well’s mission is to strengthen marriages and families through healthy relationship education beginning in middle school and continuing through senior adults. To transform South Florida for the better, we offer a variety of relationship education programs, which further impact poverty, incarceration levels, health conditions, and happiness.

By supporting Relate Well Live Well, your donation will significantly impact the lives of our community bringing a sense of belonging and safety for the people in it and positively changing our culture. No matter how much the donation is, every funding helps keep our organization strong and running to cover the costs and receive support from others. By giving any dollar amount, your time, or even your powerful words, you are supporting the work we do at Relate Well Live Well.

Make a gift to Relate Well Live Well with a Giving Fund

The National Christian Foundation (NCF) is the 6th largest charity in the USA, and offers flexible accounts for giving called donor-advised funds, or Giving Funds. A Giving Fund with NCF works like a charitable checking account, but instead of writing checks, you contribute all types of assets (cash, appreciated stocks, or noncash assets), receive an immediate income tax deduction, the money can be invested for growth, and then you can recommend grants to your favorite charities

Follow these 3 steps

Step 1:

Go to ncfgiving.com/southflorida and login to your Giving Fund.

Step 2:

Click on the “Grant” button. Under “Select a Charity,” search for “Relate Well Live Well” and click the green “Grant” button.

Step 3:

Proceed to fill out the required fields, and then select “Submit Grant” to complete your gift.

Why give stock with NCFSF?

Through our partnership with the National Christian Foundation South Florida (NCFSF), you can use assets like stock and mutual funds to support our ministry. In return, you save taxes, give more, and have more cash on hand. When you donate stock, you receive the charitable deduction; shares are sold by NCF tax-free, with proceeds going to our ministry; and you can re-fund your portfolio using cash (reset basis!); and use tax savings to give more! It’s a win for us, and a win for you. To make your transfer, please follow the instructions on the form provided for completing the Letter of Intent (LOI). When prompted, enter NCF Giving Fund Number “1302015” and NCF Giving Fund Name “Relate Well Live Well Single Charity Fund.” Once completed, submit the form to Lycet Corbo via email or physical mail.