Trust Builds Love

For months we’ve had rioting in the streets, elections at the highest level in our nation inundated with accusations of fraud, churches fractured over leadership decisions, a news media that’s increasingly biased by personal opinion, a pandemic that’s gripped the world, and a tragic suicide bombing on Christmas morning.  Fear and lack of trust are rampant. How did we get to this point?

Satan. Satan always aims at trust when he wants to divide because trust affects love. The more intimately we trust someone, the more capacity we have to love them. The less we trust them, the harder it is to love them. As Christians, we’re known by our love, so if trust is destroyed, then love is diminished. In the garden, Satan challenged Adam and Eve with a question of trust. He accused God of holding out on them. Trust issues create suspicion, ulterior motives, distance and often a broken relationship with others and God. The bullseye for Satan.

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