The Inconvenient Truth

I have the privilege of working with couples during the worst and best of times. The spectrum is broad; the worst is when they come because their marriage is deeply troubled and the best is when they are preparing for wedded bliss, full of hope and wonder.Most recently, I met with a couple considering marriage. Both professed a personal relationship with Jesus, and both came from homes of divorce. They were considering living together to “be sure”they would stay together. I asked them if they regularly worshiped together. They said they occasionally attended church,but they weren’t involved. It wasn’t too far into the conversation that they shared they were already having sex. I asked how they reconciled having sex, given their relationship with Christ. They responded with a myriad of reasons: “The Bible is antiquated, written thousands of years ago during a different cultural period. We’re committed to one another. We waited for six months, but it just became too challenging; many of our friends are living together.” So how do we respond to self-proclaimed Christians believing God’s Word is out of date and irrelevant as it relates to sexuality and marriage?

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