Ready or Not Here I Come

Remember, as a child, playing hide-and-seek?

Running and hiding as fast as you can from whoever was “it.” Then, preparing to be discovered with anticipation? It’s an exciting game, but playing hide and seek as an adult is not nearly as satisfying.

As an adult, hide and seek sounds like this

“I can no longer do that because of my pain.”

“I used to do that, but because of ________, I just can’t do it anymore.”

“I guess I’m going to sit this one out. My heart can’t take it anymore!”

Maybe you are hiding behind anger, unprocessed trauma, addiction, pride, or unforgiveness. You may find yourself running from pain as an adult-somedays; it may feel like you’re just trying to find yourself with the pain. Perhaps you are hiding from God.

It’s time to seek a better solution. Do not allow pain to determine how you live your life. It’s not the way God intends our lives to be lived.

Real, lasting change has to happen first in your heart. The belief that drives the behavior has to change for there to be lasting results. Your daily habits create the conditions of your heart.

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