Men from Mars woman from Venus #2

The whimsical premise of Men Are from Mars is that many years ago, all men lived on Mars, and all women lived on Venus.

Once they got together, they respected and enjoyed their differences—until one day when everybody woke up completely forgetting that they had once come from different planets. And ever since, men mistakenly expect women to think and communicate and react the way men do, and women expect men to think and communicate and react the way women do. These unrealistic expectations cause frustration. But when we understand the God-given differences between male and female, we have more realistic expectations of the other sex, and our frustration level drops.

Last week we examined the gender differences. This week we’ll consider WOMEN’S needs. Next week we’ll look at MEN’S needs.

Women’s primary need is to be CHERISHED To be shown understanding, respect, devotion, validation, and reassurance. Husbands, love your wives with a sacrificial love that puts her needs and desires above your own. The only way to live with your wife in an understanding way is to seek to know her. When a husband LISTENS and RESPONDS to what his wife shares—remembering that women are created to be verbal—she will feel cherished and understood and loved. For women, words mean to explore and discover their thoughts and feelings, to help them feel better when they’re upset.


What can husbands do to communicate LISTENING and RESPONDING to their wives?


Focus on her eyes, which are windows into her soul. Her eyes will communicate even more than her words. Don’t look through her but “to” her.


Do whatever is appropriate to tell her you are interested in her perspective.


Repeat what your wife said before you say something.