Sky Aris


Because I love the vision and the mission it aligns with what I've been hearing the Lord reveal to me about my ministry work and what's needed in the world today. I would ask the Lord how and where I start to help marriages and family and then this text came from my mother requesting people to help with youth and I was like I'll start there... and then during training and then a prayer meeting I learned so much more about the organization that's when I knew it was God telling me how and where!

Karol Airdo


Because teaching and learning healthy relationship education impacts every aspect of our lives! This not only fosters and creates understanding and connection within families, friendships, and workplace environments, but I am convinced learning the truth and skills of building healthy relationships is what makes a family, a marriage, a community, not only thrive but flourish!

Rob Bereolos


Because God has called me to teach Real essentials in the high school as a male role model for students who may not have a healthy male role model in their life. I also believe that God is using me to change and shape the lives of our high school students so that they can build life skills and healthy relationships that will affect their futures.

Candice Benner


Because as a Christian school substitute and a Sunday school teacher for many years, I felt God calling me to step out in faith to help make an impact in our community. Not only does LTLSF's mission statement align with my own values, but they also offer the training, opportunity, and resources to take my passion for education and use it to help cultivate healthy relationships for students in the public schools. Joining LTLSF is a gateway to reaching those students in need and making a positive difference in our city for the glory of God!

Annie Quinnell

I teach at Purpose Academy in Pompano Beach 6 & 7 grades. It is my honor to be able to equip young lives with sound and godly principles for healthy relationships so that they can thrive into adulthood.

Luciano Assuncao

I have taught at Whiddon Rogers Educational Center, Hallandale High School, Fort Lauderdale High School, Rhema Christian Academy, and Westminster Academy.
I have always had a passion for teaching, and God led me to Relate Well Live Well through an email invitation that I received from my local church. I love the mission and the curriculum. I believe in the values and lessons we get to teach this next generation so they may build healthier and stronger relationships.