Adventurous and Exciting

“Adventurous” and “exciting” aren’t words many people use

to describe their marriage after a while nor would they say that about their family time. That probably wasn’t the case at the beginning of the relationship but over time most couples settle into their everyday lives and get lost in the land of monotony—the land where life seems to get away from them.

Work projects, kids’ school projects, making dinner, and saving the world … take the place of new adventures.

The bad news is that passion and fun fly out the window when there is no spontaneity in marriage. Yes, if you have kids they can become the center of your world, but you must remember where your world began … when it was just the two of you.  You can’t let the excitement just die!

The good news is that introducing a little adventure and putting the spark back into your marriage isn’t difficult!


Here are a few ideas to implement this week to add some adventure and excitement to your relationships.

Just say ‘yes’ and go have fun. This is the first step to getting out of your comfort zone.
Trade chores.  Any change in routine for a few days is great for your relationship and helps you appreciate the other person.
Spontaneous hugs and kisses out of the blue are just sweet.
Text your loved ones … even if you’re in the same room:  
Let’s meet up in the kitchen,” “I love my family,” “You look especially beautiful or handsome today

Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. Romans 12:10 ESV