The Rush Hour

Is your life busy? Nowadays, everyone seems to be overloaded with stuff. Sometimes it’s by choice; other times it’s just the season of life you’re in. Whether it’s with your job, family, hobbies, a side hustle, or simply staying on top of the mountain of tasks that make up daily life, there are countless things that pull your time, attention, and energy. This can certainly have an effect on your marriage and family.

When you’re extra busy, you’re spending less time together with the ones you love, making it easier for distance and complacency to take root and come between your spouse and family. While your level of closeness will fluctuate throughout the course of your marriage, you can prevent a bigger problem from developing by prioritizing these few things when life gets extra busy.



Send a funny text, leave a thoughtful note, and make a quick lunch call.

Don’t let your crazy schedule be an excuse that you can’t have some fun or playfulness in your relationship.


Make this a priority in your relationship. Communicate about logistical stuff.

Communicate well about the emotional, relational-related stuff. It makes a difference during those long stretches. omer quote, or to talk about important news.


Everyone needs a break now and then to recenter and recharge.

Plan out when you can take a breather together. Something simple like a long weekend together or a staycation