6-Second Kiss

Adding this one act can positively impact your marriage!

The 6-second kiss is enough time to slow you down and demonstrate your importance to each other. It’s intimate, it’s special and so very simple. It tells your spouse they are loved, wanted, appreciated, admired, thought of, adored, and much more.


Be intentional!

Pause your to-do list and allow yourself to focus on each other, and enjoy a moment of unity, joy, and connection.

The Gottman Institute recommend the six second kiss because is the easiest way to start connecting. There doesn’t have to be talking, listening, or problem solving.

P.S. Your kids love your kisses as well!


For the next 6 days:

Commit to kissing your spouse for 6 seconds every day. It may seem long or awkward at first, but do it anyway, the payoff is right around the corner!

Remember, this is not a kiss to lead to something more, it’s just a kiss!